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High Performance Computing (HPC) allows scientists and engineers to solve complex, compute-intensive problems. HPC applications often require high network performance, fast storage, large amounts of memory, very high compute capabilities, or all of these. AWS enables you to increase the speed of research and reduce time-to-results by running HPC in the cloud and scaling to larger numbers of parallel tasks than would be practical in most on-premises environments. AWS helps to reduce costs by providing CPU, GPU, and FPGA servers on-demand, optimized for specific applications, and without the need for large capital investments. Altair's applications can take advantage of the HPC infrastructure on AWS. Altair also supports cloud deployments of HPC clusters through its PBS Works suite of products.
High Performance Computing clusters can be created on the Google Cloud Platform by utilizing Google Compute Engine VMs and Google Cloud Storage. By running HPC workloads in Google’s Cloud, customers can augment on premise HPC clusters or run all their jobs in the cloud. Altair HyperWorks products are supported on Google Compute Platform. Altair also enables cloud deployments of HPC clusters through its PBS Works suite of products.
Huawei’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) Solution is critical for scientific research, governmental affairs, industry, and national defense. It is often the sole or major solution for costly or complex theoretical models and experiments. Huawei uses high-performance servers, large-capacity storage, and innovative cluster and device management software to offer the power of HPC. Altair HyperWorks products are supported on Huawei HPC systems. Altair's PBS Works suite of products are used to manage on premises resources on Huawei servers. Altair also supports cloud deployments on Huawei cloud through its PBS Works suite of products. Read more about Altair’s collaborations with Huawei to Jointly Pursue High-Performance Computing (HPC) Opportunities and Build Industrial Simulation Cloud Solutions.
Azure provides on-demand compute resources that enable you to run large parallel and batch compute jobs in the cloud. Extend your on-premises HPC cluster to the cloud when you need more capacity, or run work entirely in Azure. Scale easily and take advantage of advanced networking features such as RDMA to run true HPC applications using MPI to get the results you want, when you need them. Altair and Microsoft work closely together to ensure Altair's HyperWorks applications run flawlessly on Azure. Altair also has support for cloud bursting to Azure through Altair PBS Works suite of software.
Maintaining a High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment can leave you feeling forever trapped between over-provisioning and under-utilizing resources. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps you take on the toughest HPC rendering, and machine learning workloads, without the upfront costs. Altair ensures that Altair HyperWorks products have a tight integration with Oracle Cloud Platform. Altair also supports cloud deployments of HPC clusters on Oracle Cloud Platform. Read more about PBS Works named as Preferred Workload Management Suite for the Oracle Cloud Platform.

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