PBS Works makes strides on the path to exascale, with million-core scalability and support for a million+ jobs/day coming with PBS Professional 13.0.

From power consumption to affordability, the path to exascale isn’t smooth. But the biggest barrier remains pure scalability – even if companies can supply the energy, footprint and cash needed for exascale machines, when will vendors be able to deliver the scale itself and the software needed to harness it for the promised speed and performance?
“As we deploy and operate a supercomputer of this magnitude, it was imperative that we have a scalable workload management system to efficiently manage job throughput ensuring the best utilization of this machine. NASA has worked with PBS Pro over the years and will continue to do so.

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Altair has been working toward exascale for many years, with the last two PBS Professional releases delivering major increases in speed and scalability:
  • PBS Professional 11.0 delivered a 10x faster startup time, support for 16x as many users and a 40x improvement in job restart
  • PBS Professional 12.0 delivered another 10x boost in power-on startup and 3x increase in scheduler performance
  • Now with PBS Professional 13.0, users can support 10x larger system sizes (millions of cores) with dramatic improvements in throughput, job dispatch rate and MPI job start.

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