Big Data

PBS Works enables organizations to work efficiently with big data in HPC environments, from clusters to clouds, so data is an enabler of -- and not a barrier to Display Manager – higher performance.
The constant demand for more and larger data sets to fuel increasingly complex simulations and processes has been a hallmark of high-performance computing for decades. The challenge isn’t new, but the scale certainly is: Many organizations routinely need to analyze massive files or million-file data sets, and expect fast turnaround times to make use of results.
“PBS Professional is integrated with Clemson’s “Hadoop on demand” job framework…This implementation yields major efficiency benefits”
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Therefore, HPC job scheduling and management across disparate resources is essential, and HPC workload management solutions must offer remote solutions that minimize data download as well as integrations with technologies like Hadoop to power big data operations.

Altair PBS Works enables big data management via:
  • Remote data visualization and management portals: With Compute Manager and for viewing and managing data files remotely, big data doesn’t have to be moved to be useful
  • Support for Hadoop: PBS Professional users can integrate with Hadoop implementations to improve processing efficiency

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