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PBS Works offers the solutions organizations need to measure and analyze utilization of all IT assets, from software license utilization to hardware- and user-based utilization trends.
Hardware and software procurement and maintenance contributes largely to the cost of doing business for all types of organizations – and for those organizations who consume high-performance computing (HPC) resources, the need for reliable analytics is even greater since there is a higher degree of complexity and investment at stake.

The demands placed on HPC resource management have grown beyond basic job reporting; measuring system utilization, software license usage, user trends and other details – with the ability to easily access and analyze this data -- is critical for optimizing asset usage and making decisions about future investments. Add to that the cost of managing big data and the extension of HPC resources into the cloud, and today’s HPC administrators and managers need comprehensive IT analytics more than ever before.
“After evaluating several SAO options within a benchmark exercise, we chose Altair’s SAO to monitor and optimize our software usage because it is affordable and offers the best solution for our needs.”
- SEGULA Technologies

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Altair offers the following solutions for IT analytics:

  • Software Asset Optimization (SAO): Managing software assets can be difficult for a number of reasons – from increasing license complexity and quickly changing pricing models to inadequate software tools. Altair’s SAO solutions addresses these challenges by enabling visualization and analysis of global software inventories and utilization rates across facilities, divisions, departments, projects and users. With Altair SAO, organizations have the information they need to understand what software is actually being used, how much, and by whom, which is crucial for managing licenses effectively. Read more about Altair SAO solutions here.
  • System analytics and reporting: For enterprise level companies and institutions who are using HPC systems and software, and need tools to understand and manage their HPC assets more effectively, Altair’s PBS Analytics provides the vital information needed when making data-driven business decisions. A PBS Works suite product, PBS Analytics allows organizations to measure and report on how limited and costly HPC resources are being used. Read more about PBS Analytics solutions here.

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