Software Asset Optimization

HPC organizations, like all companies, have inventories of software assets across the business that often represent a major percentage of their total technology investment. Altair offers the solutions organizations need to measure and analyze utilization of these assets, including software asset optimization (SAO) powered by Carriots Analytics for right-sizing software investments.
Altair SAO enables visualization and analysis of global software inventories and utilization rates across facilities, divisions, departments and users. With SAO, it’s easy to pinpoint underutilized assets for better business planning and forecasting. Having deep domain expertise in not only HPC but also business analytics and software licensing systems, Altair is uniquely qualified to offer powerful SAO solutions tailored specifically to the unique needs and requirements of each organization.
“Since we have a very large software license pool, but use some tools only very infrequently, it would be close to impossible to optimize our software park without an SAO system….We now can detect double licenses, unclosed sessions and much more.”
- SEGULA Technologies
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Why Altair SAO?

  • On-demand access to license inventory/usage/trends
  • Identification of shelved / underutilized licenses
  • Rapid reconciliation of software requests vs capacity
  • Quantitative insight to support vendor negotiations
  • Improved software capacity planning and forecasting
Altair’s SAO solution is license server independent and works seamlessly with FLEXlm, FlexNet, LUM, LM-X and many other popular and vendor specific license managers. Providing a single, aggregated view of all enterprise software assets and their associated usage efficiencies, the advanced analytics capabilities of SAO enable IT managers to explore and more accurately balance true demand against current capacity.

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