Altair AccessTM Overview

A Portal for Engineers and Researchers

Altair Access provides a simple, powerful, and consistent interface for submitting and monitoring jobs on remote clusters, clouds, or other resources. Engineers and researchers can now focus on core activities and spend less time learning how to run applications or moving data around. The Altair Access remote visualization and collaboration capabilities bring access to an expensive, high-end 3D visualization datacenter hardware right to the user.

Altair Access features:

  • Novice to Expert: simple and powerful
  • Same UX: desktop and web
  • Secure: protected access to HPC resources
  • End-to-end: submit, monitor progress, steer, fix, and rerun jobs
  • Collaborate: shared 3D analysis
  • 3D Remote Visualization
  • Save time: Simplify job submission and management thanks to a powerful GUI with smart, simplified interfaces
  • Be more productive: Spend more time focused on work and not IT tasks - for example, monitor jobs graphically without having to download huge job files
  • Increase ROI: Consolidate access to applications and optimize license availability
  • Reduce errors and improve consistency: Embed your company's best-practice "know how" directly into Application Definitions used for job submission
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Why Altair Access:

For engineers, scientists, and researchers, Altair Access portals provide natural access to HPC (no IT expertise needed) to run solvers, view progress, manage data, and use 3D remote visualization via web and desktop.
  • Collaborate easily from multiple locations by viewing & editing application data without having to download
  • Visualize big data files remotely without file downloads
  • Be more efficient with easy and accessible data collaboration tools
  • Optimize resource utilization by consolidating hardware and software centrally
  • Allow engineers to take corrective action without downloading huge results files for running jobs
  • Reduce IT overhead for engineers – let them focus on their work and not on data movement issues

Altair Access Capabilities:

  • Zero data movement: Only pixels are transferred – prohibitive times associated with data transfer are eliminated
  • Rapid collaboration: Instantly collaborate on large volumes of data in the comfort of a familiar interactive application, anywhere and anytime; cooperate with remote colleagues by sharing session views and controls across WAN links
  • Rich experience: Adaptive data compression algorithms based on the network bandwidth and latency provide a rich experience, even on challenging networks
  • Flexible application resource allocation: Accommodates complex application setup through Altair Access integration for advanced application-specific requirements
  • Optimized resource management: Integration with PBS Professional allows optimized provisioning of applications on graphical and computing resources for maximum utilization
  • Open architecture: Lets you use third party applications without needing additional software development
  • Instantaneous application invocation: Simple, easy-to-use, application-specific interface requires no learning, simplifying management and allowing engineers to focus on their work rather than IT issues
  • Resiliency: Continuity of remote application sessions across network connectivity disruptions
  • Flexibility: Your team gets access to the same remote session from multiple locations using different client machines, at the office, at a customer site, at home, etc.
  • Manageability: Applications can be easily added and removed
  • Resource monitoring and accounting: Integrated with PBS Professional

Submitting and Monitoring Jobs
  • Easily submit jobs using the Altair Access web GUI, using simple "drag-and-drop" interfaces and pre-populated defaults
  • Easily define and configure applications for job submission via PBS Application Services (PAS)
  • Minimize the effort needed to write, modify, and test complex application scripts
  • Save commonly used applications and inputs as profiles

Managing Remote Files and Data
  • Manage remote files and data directly from the secure web portal
  • Watch progress of running jobs, both graphically and via tail –f
  • Get real-time access to the cluster remote file system
  • Easily browse & modify remote files
  • Use standard, familiar file operation tools
  • Automate staging of input and output files
  • Explore huge datasets directly on the server side
  • Easily filter and group jobs to get clarity on HPC workloads

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