Altair AcceleratorTM Overview

Industry’s Fastest Enterprise Job Scheduler with Event-driven Architecture for Highest Throughput and High-Performance Hierarchical Scheduling
Accelerator is an enterprise grade job scheduler designed for distributed High-Performance-Computing (HPC) environments. As a highly adaptable solution, it is capable of managing compute infrastructures from small dedicated server farms to complex distributed HPC environments.

The Plus package of Accelerator (Accelerator Plus) also includes a hierarchical scheduler architected to off-load the base scheduler, enabling greater throughput, better license and resource utilization, and more flexible scheduler usage models.


Benefits for Designers

  • Sub-second latency for best performance and user experience
  • Full Visibility into key job resources (CPU, memory & license)

  • Added benefits with the Plus package:
  • Exclusive access to “private” scheduler, allows “self-directed” flows
  • High throughput for highly parallel workloads of uniform short jobs

Benefits for the Infrastructure

  • Scalable small footprint architecture for best resource utilization
  • Customizable alerts and notifications
  • Fast restart without impacting running jobs

  • Added benefits with the Plus package:
  • Flexible usage models (on-demand, workload, project)
  • 6-10X higher throughput without adding compute capacity

Benefits for Management

  • High capacity scalable architecture capable of scheduling billions of jobs per day
  • Manage organizational priorities with comprehensive policy management features

  • Added benefits with the Plus package:
  • Improved license management
  • Fairshare and Preemption
  • Global policy and license management

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