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Few industries have experienced as much dramatic growth during the last decade as the life sciences. The extensive use of computer simulations used today by the life sciences market can easily stress the upper limits of any high-performance computing solution.

Like other computationally intensive industries, life sciences use a mix of high capability and high throughput computing technologies. With the added pressures from significant regulatory, compliance, cost, and time constraints, life science companies and research institutions are confronted with an array of business challenges, including:

  • Aligning costly and scarce resources to the most promising research

  • Matching computing resources to business priorities

  • Maximizing end-user productivity

  • Protecting intellectual property

  • Controlling the growing complexity of systems and applications
Meeting these demanding goals requires high-performance computing systems and powerful software tools. Investments in high-performance computing don’t just save time and money. They allow life sciences researchers and companies to investigate more drug design options, more easily and more quickly – and to get new medical devices and pharmaceuticals to market sooner and more safely.
"In the bioinformatics world, we run a lot of small, uncorrelated jobs... Altair PBS Professional with job arrays handles the huge number of jobs better than any other workload management technology."

-David Allouche, Bioinformatics Computing Platform Manager, Toulouse Genopole

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Bioinformatics and computational chemistry applications demand massive computing resources over long periods of time. Altair PBS Professional’s ability to detect node failure and automatically reschedule interrupted jobs and restart aborted jobs prevents needless waste of resources.

Altair PBS Professional enables more efficient use of software licenses and hardware, and gives scientists a simple, easy-to-use interface for running jobs. The Job Array feature enables bioinformatics users to submit and manage very large arrays of similar tasks as a single unit – helping researchers run more models more productively.

With Altair PBS Works’ HPC workload optimization solutions, life science researchers shorten design times, lower infrastructure costs and maximize the utilization of HPC systems used for in silico drug screening, clinical simulations or bioinformatics. Altair PBS Professional’s scheduling and resource reservation capabilities ensure that users get fair-share access to computing resources and that urgent projects get preemption priority so they can start as soon as possible.

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