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Government and research organizations have been longtime drivers of high-performance computing (HPC), developing compute-intensive applications such as weather forecasting, space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research.

Altair PBS Professional makes it possible to create intelligent policies to manage distributed, mixed-vendor computing assets as a single, unified system. Based on a policy-driven architecture, Altair PBS Professional continually optimizes timeliness and throughput in HPC resources, ensuring that they are used effectively and efficiently.

"Altair PBS Professional has been able to adapt to all those computing environments. So one, it’s flexible; two, we can use it on any architecture; and three, it’s easy for users to learn.”

—HEC technical director for SCS for NASA’s Advanced

Supercomputing Division

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In addition, Altair PBS Professional offers unparalleled security: Altair PBS Professional is the only HPC workload manager that has achieved Common Criteria EAL3+ certification, the international standard for certifying software technology conforms to stringent security requirements. Altair PBS Professional also offers a supported solution for cross-domain configurations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or security-enabled Linux: SELinux), delivering robust new security capabilities for HPC workload management cross-domain security.

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