Electronic Design Automation

Managing server farms for electronic design automation (EDA) organizations is a challenge due to numerous factors: the pressure to improve efficiency and time to results, the highly heterogeneous environment where specific resources must be guaranteed for certain tasks, and the constant resource contention issue where multiple users compete for capacity.

Server farm administrators need workload management software that integrates with their critical EDA applications to intelligently manage massive workload volume. And they need this software from a vendor they can rely on for support and longevity.

“Altair PBS Professional is a first-rate solution for workload management in EDA. Altair did a great job implementing an efficient HPC solution with our customer."


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Using Altair PBS Professional to manage workload and job scheduling maximizes job throughput and resource utilization in EDA server farms. Altair PBS Professional 13.0’s fast, powerful scheduler scales to millions of jobs per day with end-to-end resilience and reliable big job startup. With Altair PBS Professional, users can save time and money with a solution that maximizes server farm uptime and efficiency, reduces risk and speeds time to market.

Key features PBS uses to meet EDA workload needs include:

  • Scalability to millions of jobs per day
  • 15x faster job submission than previous version
  • Fairshare support
  • End-to-end resilience
  • Control Groups (cgroups) to eliminate resource contention
  • Fast, easy migration from legacy schedulers

Benefits include:

  • Maximize job throughput and resource utilization
  • Meet SLAs with powerful policy-based scheduling
  • Monitor workload across multiple server farms
  • Simplify system access and management
  • Enable powerful usage analytics and asset optimization for capacity planning
  • Gain a partner you can trust with an EDA development focus and first-rate customer support

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