Around the world, every automobile manufacturer, and all their suppliers, use high-performance computing (HPC) systems and software tools to design, optimize and test advanced engine designs, as well as to test fuel efficiency and passenger safety.

Altair PBS Works software solutions provide automotive manufacturing clients with a range of benefits including:

  • Reduced infrastructure complexity and fragility

  • Improved productivity for end users

  • Better, more efficient use of resources

  • Superior quality while lowering costs
Automobile manufacturers rely on HPC for shorter time to solution, faster time to market, and superior product quality. Meeting these demanding goals requires high performance computing systems and powerful software tools. Investments in high performance computing don’t just save time and money -- they also enable automotive companies to investigate more design options, be more creative, and get new products to market sooner.

Automotive manufacturing companies need advanced computing systems and software tools that can optimize their significant HPC investments, helping them become more productive, more competitive and profitable.

With Altair PBS Works HPC workload optimization solutions from Altair, automotive engineers can shorten design times, lower infrastructure costs and maximize the utilization of HPC systems used for structural, materials, process simulation, or fuel efficiency studies. Altair PBS Professional’s scheduling and resource reservation capabilities ensure that engineering teams get fair-share access to computing resources and to pre-empt access priority for urgent projects.

"Trelleborg's Engineering Center has greatly improved its throughput, cost-efficiency and turnaround time by putting Altair PBS Professional to work."

-Phil Boss, Design Manager, Trelleborg

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