Leading aerospace companies and research institutions need advanced workload management software that can optimize their significant high-performance computing investments, helping scientists and engineers expand the use of computational tools to be more productive, and enterprises be more competitive and profitable.

Altair PBS Works software solutions provide aerospace clients with a range of benefits, including:

  • Lower development costs

  • Faster time to market

  • Superior product quality

Altair PBS Professional™

HPC managers within the aerospace market use Altair PBS Professional to get maximum value from software licenses and to maximize utilization of the very large clusters commonly used for CFD studies by aerospace engineers. They Altair PBS Professional's scheduling and resource reservation capabilities to ensure engineering teams get fair-share access to computing resources and to give urgent projects the preemption priority to finish quickly.

Altair Control™ – Data Analytics

Altair Control offers an easy-to-use data analysis and visualization solution that provides Altair PBS Works administrators with advanced job and license analyses to support data-driven planning and decision making.

"Boeing saw access to source code as one of the most powerful factors in favor of Altair PBS Professional"

—Barret Sharp, Senior Software Engineer, Boeing

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