Researchers are pushing the boundaries of knowledge at leading academic institutions around the world. Computing power has advanced dramatically during the last fifty years, and academic researchers need to harness high-performance computing to keep pace with rapidly changing requirements.

Altair PBS Professional, the foundation for all Altair PBS Works solutions, is the de facto standard for managing high-performance computing (HPC) resources. Altair PBS Professional increases utilization of costly computing resources through a powerful, easy-to-use policy engine that you control from a single management point.

The value of Altair PBS Professional goes beyond simply lowering costs through better resource utilization or improved availability. Altair PBS Professional ensures academic institutions get the most from their HPC computing resources. Researchers can match their computing requirements to the best computing platforms using commercially proven scheduling, including metascheduling and resource management tools. Administrators can also reduce IT-driven energy use and lower costs using Altair PBS Professional's Green Provisioning and node provisioning features.

"We were pleased to see that Altair PBS Professional had the scalability, reliability, and resiliency features we needed to run a large environment"

-Brian Ropers-Huilman, Assistant Director, HPC, Louisiana State University

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Altair PBS Professional gives researchers a simple, but powerful user interface across all computing resources, from SMP servers running Linux or workgroup clusters running Windows HPC Server to the largest and most powerful supercomputers.

Pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge is challenging. To help academic institutions meet this important challenge, Altair continues to provide Altair PBS Works software license grants for qualifying institutions.

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