Why PBS Works?

Companies choose Altair PBS Works for the suite’s comprehensive capabilities and proven functionality – as well as the company’s global presence, HPC expertise, and market-leading customer service.

“PBS Works is a key ingredient for HPC workload management.”
-Intel Director, HPC and Many-Core Computing
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Key PBS Works Differentiators

Find out what makes PBS Works unique in the HPC workload management space:

Comprehensive, integrated suite – one provider for all solutions:
  • Workload management and job scheduling
  • Web-based job submission and monitoring
  • Remote visualization portal
  • Analytics and accounting portal
Industry-leading capabilities – everything you need and more for HPC workload management:
  • Green Provisioning™ for power-aware scheduling
  • Market-leading security (EAL3+ certification, SELinux support)
  • Powerful, flexible plugin framework for easy customizations
  • Topology-aware, policy-driven scheduling
  • Massive scalability
  • GPU/coprocessor support
  • PBS AppDefsTM for simplified deployment and error reduction
  • Backfill, sharing, and shrink-to-fit jobs for maximized utilization
  • Health-check hooks & automatic failover for continuous reliability
Proven, reliable technology and team – users trust Altair for our unbeatable services and support:
  • Flagship workload manager proven for over 20 years at thousands of global sites including many Top500 systems
  • Standard-setting services and support with an expert team noted for our capabilities and customer satisfaction
  • Global support with 48 offices in 20 countries

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